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    It has been a while since our last news, and not without a good reason as all the efforts have been put on today's celebration. Welcome! It is an important day for AceVerso, and we are glad you are here with us, bidding farewell to outgoing 2018.

    AceVerso launched with just one product allowing users to acquire ownership of MTA servers in the simplest way possible, and even though we are just at the beginning of this path, the feedback has been amazing. More than 170+ servers have been rented, and many are being renewed every month. AceVerso could not be happier with the result, and we can't wait to add more platforms in the future.

    Obviously, this was just one piece of the puzzle, and today the next one is being introduced. Something that has been under development for months - Multi Theft Auto Server. Built from scratch, starting with a blank sheet of paper, and reimagining every single element of the gameplay and user experience. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

    Login Panel

    Delivers everything you would expect. Log in, register or skip the whole process, and fill out the form later on. The seamless progress bar, integrated right into the action button, will keep you updated with the procedure notifying about errors and successes. In addition, it keeps track of login streak, and reward users accordingly.


    The menu combines essential and important elements of the server in one place, allowing simple and fast access to the lobby, variety of applications and help center. Each element has a dedicated tab which can be directly invoked by a key. Such an approach not only provides fluent user experience but also makes it easier for first-time visitors to get around.


    DeathMatch Classic is dedicated for modern maps with the main objective to reach Hunter and eliminate others. Only fastest 3 players will be able to obtain the Hunter, others will be marked as finished with the according position.

    DeathMatch Oldschool is the same as the Classic, except for one thing: instead of modern maps, there are old ones, carefully filtered and chosen.

    DeathMatch Origins is something that is similar yet completely different from the types mentioned above. It takes its name from the very beginning of DeathMatch as a whole. Some of you might remember those times. As much as I would want to reveal everything about this game mode right now, it will have to wait as it brings new mechanics and deserves a dedicated thread.

    Classic and Oldschool modes also allow you to continue playing as the last survivor. However, only if the total amount of players is lower than 16, otherwise you will have to purchase such a privilege. The feature is called last stand and can be purchased at the beginning of rounds.

    Race game mode needs no introduction. There is only one rule - cross the finish line first.

    AceVerso has been and will be carefully filtering maps focusing on the right checkpoint placements and sizes, on map times, distances, object situations and other elements of the gameplay.

    The gamemode also supports advanced leaderboard which displays all players with their positions and times in the top right corner.

    DestructionDerby Classic is a game mode with the main objective to survive. Push other players off maps till there is only one player left alive. The gamemode allows variety of vehicles, on variety of maps.

    DestructionDerby Cross is the same as the Classic, except only Cheetah and Tampa vehicles allowed. In addition, only 1-2 level maps with single-shade roads are selected.

    DestructionDerby Force includes both gameplay mechanics with an addition of new element - powerups. Powerups are randomly spawned around the map following certain time intervals. Each powerup has limited amount of uses, individual reloading times and durations.

    Shooter Classic gamemode weaponizes your vehicle with rockets. Just like in other arenas, the main goal is to survive by elimanating players.

    Shooter Jump enables jump feature for vehicles by default which adds a completely new dimension to the gameplay.

    Both Classic and Jump gamemodes support powerup and spawn protection systems.

    Hunter is a game mode where players get to pilot an aircraft based on the iconic helicopter Apache. Simillarly to Shooter, the main goal is to elimanate other players and survive.

    The game mode supports spawn protection system as well as 3D aim.

    The Hunter is specifically tuned for the gamemode and is able to shoot only 3 times per 5 seconds.

    RUN game mode is essentially the same as Race with the only difference - there are no vehicles.

    AceVerso introduces custom stamina system which adds realism and a challenge to the game mode. Use it wisely as it tends to run out.

    The arena also supports ghostmode.

    Trials is an arcade take on the real-life sport. Control a rider on a motorcycle from the start of a map to the end while navigating a number of obstacles.

    The arena supports dynamic camera which changes its position depending on your speed and angle allowing a better field of view and immersive experience. You really need to experience this one.

    In addition, the gamemode introduces new mechanics, allowing players to change directions. Simply press 'left shift' in order to make 180 degree spin. The camera will automatically adjust to the new position. We are looking forward for new kind of maps in which your creative minds can apply the new element.

    Dynamic Camera

    *Screenshots are cropped and zoomed for better visibility. Actual in-game camera allows bigger field of vision.

    Training arena allows you to select maps and play them without any disturbances. The following game modes are supported: DeathMatch, Race, RUN and Trials.

    The arena supports rewind system, which is also globalized across all arenas. Simply hold ENTER to rewind until the needed position. The playback speed gradually increases for you so that there is no need to hold any extra buttons.

    Once a map is selected, the count down will be passionately waiting for you. Simply press 'W' to let it know you are ready.

    Garage is the place to tune your vehicle. Currently you can customize vehicle colors and effects, headlights colors and effects, tail lights, nitro color, wheels, plate and other body parts depending on a vehicle. All modifications are visible to other players as well.

    Liveries and stickers are being under development and will be added once ready.

    The garage features a simple menu and dynamic camera which will be smoothly flying around the vehicle to allow a better view of selected items.

    User Progress & Statistics

    AceVerso comes with an advanced system which supports ELO rating. This means you receive a bigger bonus when playing against stronger opponents, and lesser when playing against weaker ones. As the result, the leaderboard is truly defined by skills, not the amount of time spent on the server.

    Detailed statistics will keep track of every gameplay's aspect. Starting with the amount of EXP and ending with the amount of time spent in every arena.

    *Only DM is shown to keep the screenshot relatively small

    User Interface

    UI is an important element of the gameplay; therefore, AceVerso tries to keep it simple while making it as informative as possible. The whole UI is responsive and adjust to any screen dimensions. In addition, each and every UI element can be toggled in the settings.

    Round timer is displayed at the top center of the screen, and depending on the arena you are in, it will either count down or time your progress during rounds. You probably noticed these tiny dots around and wondering their purpose. No, it is not a design element: the amount of blue dots represents how many minutes left till the end of rounds.

    Deathlist is displayed at the top right corner. Depending on the arena you are in, it will display additional information for every player. For example, in DeathMatch it includes the percentage of map completion or time if you reached the Hunter. In Destruction Derby, Shooter or Hunter the amount of kills.

    In addition, it is intergrated with spectators system, and in case a player is spectating you, it displays instead of player's position.

    HUD is displayed at the bottom right corner and adjusts to a player or vehicle, as well as variety of situations during the gameplay.


    Top Times

    The system supports anti-delay which allows to correctly track your performance no matter how fast or slow the internet connection is. It also detects improvements in two key ways: how many positions and how many milliseconds you improved. The better your improvement, the higher the reward.



    The system supports two categories of notifications: global and arena ones. The global notifications are meant for server events and appear at the top right corner. Arena notifications reflect everything that happens inside the arena and appear at the top center of the screen.

    All notifications support color codes and dynamically adjust to the length of the message with needed amount of lines. Of course, each notification type comes with individual icon and background.

    Download Manager

    The very first element users see when joining new servers is download bar. At a time, total size exceeds hundreds of megabytes which might scare off potential players.

    AceVerso introduces download manager which handles all custom assets. As a result, you will only need to download 6.9 MB of essential data when joining AceVerso server. Other assets will be downloaded during the gameplay.

    Advanced Kill Detector

    In arenas, which involve direct contact between players, it is extremely important to properly record and reward their performances. AceVerso introduces a system which not only detects killers, but also keeps track of assistants and prevents frag-stealing. Forget about cases when you defeated an opponent and a newbie took the frag just because he was the last one to hit the enemy. The system is globalized and works across all arenas.

    Of course, one can only show so much in a thread. What you have seen here is barely a half of all features. We are looking forward to showing more about our Awards, Events, Clans, Spectators, Radar, Powerups and other systems as time gets closer to server's launch. For those interested, here are our next steps in the nearest future.

    BETA Testing

    The registrations will be opened right after the holidays. A group of people will be selected to help us find every little bug before public release. To clarify, the registrations will be opened on January 12, 2019. The actual testing will begin shortly after that.

    The Team

    Last but definitely not the least. When AceVerso launched, it has been positioned as a service rather than a clan/community. There were several reasons for that, the main one is the lack of a server. We simply did not want to keep people waiting while it is being developed. That said, AceVerso will happily start its first recruitment at the beginning of the next year. We will be looking for talented and loyal people who would like to manage, develop and administrate the community. The dedicated section for applications will be opened on January 5, 2019.

    AceVerso wishes everyone happy holidays and of course happy new year!

    Emix, WestM, Sebi, ramdimiel, ESKADIVI, KingofSpeed, TheDragoN, AlinutZ!, DeLeTe, Qashqai, Lumb, Atilax, ZeRoXy, M4RT1N, Mor0, SeNa, IsGh, XOJH, Eleven, SmoK!, Micra, TKN, Chaos, Shome, mkjagers, Queen01, DarkyZ, CriMenTvz, WyverN1, CoLiMi, Flame, Danny, Avi, VanillaSky, Sawyer, Mert, Vitalic, ZJK, Gteatero, SkreePy, NoMercy, InfiNity, DiatroN, 4yM, xRAGE, Fars, Hederi, Ventrax, GhosT78, MaStFa2000, Peanut, RaceR, ZeYaD22, SNX, Irons, Paul, Cvele, Rikers, ANTAR, Turbo^, Chrome, Eyecatcher, iRenox, Tomas, F0XY, DrMc, Chipy, Gerc, MORZQQ, Partyz, PNZ, Willian, Hero#, Agressiv, zGxtreme1, VISHAL, FrAnK^SH, VuuaaK, Zoilo, Zlatan, Editor, iRampage, Anubis, Dynamitou, ByGuus, MaStFa, Marchew, , PeiN, Samu, fallen, Aero, Redusz, KrEsTaL, OVERHELL, Twistty, LiXuZ, Cherry, Lewn, SKYL1NE, 31Check, , SkyLine6998, Kiwi, keevoNy, KnOwN, A7MDz, RyanGui, xD4rk72, Reaxerz, Oddajmiswojarente, Ichigo#, VarieN, ShadowXiro, Cappy:3, Dziugass, SuhaibZ, kr3nz, Henrk, iTRiCKS, Sky, Zsery, Jamor, Revolcee12, SCROXZ, R3AMBOY, FIXER, nuRdy, Francis#, Zatley, LeoN, xecN, JoKeR, DiablO, Danteh, Rhae, ds, Meraxes, MaRTiN#, JauzZ, EM1N3M, AkroM, lizer, 1NSTINCT, Tony!, SpartaN, Louis, ALAMM, Vegetto, NOVEEN, Varane, Cyrow, Nebla, , Timbo360, stockkk, EmanuelV, SheldoN, ZeRoN!, #Xuruquin^, goth, MirceaX, Resou, Best4PlayOriginal, Abdulrazak, SkyLion#, GreleK, gery, Wanted, MarveL, Raay, xLess_Speed, 000, DMNK, Quanchi, AreliX, CreeX, TrapeRTXi5, Mattowski, veedu, Audi, Prox1, N3xT
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    First! Just a little reminds me mix of ffs and vultaic but... well done mate
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  3. Re: Multi Theft Auto Server 29.12.2018, 13:59#3
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    amazing work ww
    WW, Emix, XOJH, WyverN1, KrEsTaL, Twistty, Zsery
  4. Re: Multi Theft Auto Server 29.12.2018, 14:01#4
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    looks great
    Emix, WW, XOJH, WyverN1
  5. Re: Multi Theft Auto Server 29.12.2018, 14:04#5
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    Strong start, everything looks quite tidy. Just shows how much potential there is on something as old as MTA when great minds work on it.

    Cannot wait to try this out myself!
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    I am definitely excited for the Garage and it's updates, well done !
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    I came here only for RUN damn; everything looks cool. Good job!
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    I'm out of words, this is truly amazing! Every little thing just stands out, everything is just smooth.
    What a wonderful year will AceVerso have, I can already imagine! Good job Alex, you really outdid yourself!
    WW, XOJH, Turbo^, WyverN1, ClixoN, Twistty, Danteh
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    Amazing brooo i will play Shooter here xD I can give my exprience for Improve shooter arena <3
    WW, XOJH, WyverN1, Twistty
  10. Re: Multi Theft Auto Server 29.12.2018, 14:12#10
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    The performance looks astounding! Looks so fresh and well managed. Its newfangled appearance fosters people (at least me) to play even more and realize MTA is much more than a regular game. It clearly shows you worked a lot on this one, Alex. Can't wait to try it out. Applause!
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