1. [Shooter] Radar problem 12.07.2019, 21:26#1
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    hey, AV community i just was playing and i saw that everygame i have to open the settings to turn off the radar then turn it on again but if i didn't do that I willnot be able to see the radar anymore, I'm up for it its kinda annoying and if the enemy near me he will kill easily while im doing that.
    I hope you fix it i reported to to westm but IDK what happened.
    Also im not sure if its on shooter only or not but it happened to me many times in DM too.
  2. Re: [Shooter] Radar problem 15.07.2019, 18:08#2
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    Should be fixed now, contact me privately if it is not. Thanks for the report!
    MaStFa, TKN, NoMercy, Subway, SeNa
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