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  1. Re: MTA - The Launch 07.06.2019, 10:07#91
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    This is an insane piece of work man, cant wait
    1NSTINCT, Atilax, SNX, TKN, XOJH, gery, m1a2m3
  2. Re: MTA - The Launch 07.06.2019, 16:54#92
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    Damn, been waiting for it this whole time GoodJob everyone.
    SNX, XOJH, gery
  3. Re: MTA - The Launch 07.06.2019, 18:00#93
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    Nothing lasts forever

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    Perhaps, the last comment before launch?
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  4. Re: MTA - The Launch 07.06.2019, 18:24#94
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    Ace Verso will boom the mta scene for sure
    SNX, TKN, XOJH, gery
  5. Re: MTA - The Launch 07.06.2019, 18:25#95
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    Lessgo boyyyyy!
    XOJH, gery
  6. Re: MTA - The Launch 08.06.2019, 00:28#96
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    Thanks to everyone who joined us today, we certainly did not expect such a spike of activity on both forum and server. In fact, we have been running at the maximum capacity right from the moment our server went public. Nevertheless, we sincerely apologize for leaving many of you disappointed with the server's performance. We now know what we need to fix, improve and focus on. We will also upgrade our host and bring back the server as soon as possible.

    XOJH, Flame, Boudi, iRobbie, BliZarD, SNX, Snacky, OVERHELL, Raay, Taigas, Mentos, Rhae, WyverN1, TurBo, IsGh, Hero#, Waylon, iRenox, LiXuZ, ShacLe!, Reus, Zsery, NoMercy, Revolcee12, Nebla, Domo, CascaDe, Gerc, russtocking, Darkside, WestM, MaStFa, DiatroN, Sky, SkyLion#, Irons, Meraxes, KnOwN, SeNa, Hawaken, TRIPL3X, Risky, TKN, ZeYaD22, VuuaaK, Atilax, PNZ, Chipy, Siisti, AlinutZ!, VulTuReX, SheldoN, Suineg, Captan, VonKasty, SmoK!, lizer, F0XY, Taha1, 1NSTINCT, gery, SKYL1NE, Turbo^, Reaxerz, , TASO, VISHAL, Audi, Mor0, Gokuz0r, Anubis, Ichigo#, Gonzalez~, Chrome, BurN, salfi, SkyLine6998, Rodney, Rewea, Twistty, MaRTiN#, CriMenTvz, Lumma, m1a2m3, Dredd
  7. Re: MTA - The Launch 08.06.2019, 00:32#97
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    WW said:
    Continue with your great work and performance, never forget: Never Give UP
    XOJH, Snacky, Subway, gery, Audi
  8. Re: MTA - The Launch 08.06.2019, 00:40#98
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    So how many days we will w8 again
    XOJH, VonKasty, gery
  9. Re: MTA - The Launch 08.06.2019, 00:42#99
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    Make race arena great before unlocking
    Reus, XOJH, gery
  10. Re: MTA - The Launch 08.06.2019, 00:44#100
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    WW said:
    I never swore to CJ this much in my life. I like the fine details on the server.Scripts were carefully crafted and edited.
    Countdown that shows when we're going to explode while we're burning, etc. But when 400 ppl entered the server (I think the host was not set accordingly) the server could not stand and FPS drops began to occur.But we're sure you can fix it.
    I can't find much to say, in short, it was legendary!
    Taigas, ShacLe!, XOJH, kappa27, gery, Subway, Rewea
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