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    Previously we introduced you to our MTA server development. Some were quick to judge, but the truth is that we revealed just about a half of what the server delivers in order to avoid potential leaks. It was tough to keep the silence, but it is a measure we must have taken considering today’s reality. In addition, many things have changed since then; therefore, we would like to guide you through some updates that have taken place.

    Introducing Old School Force
    Yet another thing that has been on our minds for years.

    OS Force does not enable constant ghost-mode. Instead, every player has Ghost powerup allowing to activate ghost-mode manually whenever needed. The room also supports Spawn Protection making sure everyone has a fair start. As the result, the system attempts to deliver true OS expirience while adding an interesting gameplay element and providing unlimited amount of slots in the room.

    Ghost Powerup

    Spawn Protection

    Unlimited Slots

    *Spawn protection's duration was shortened from 10 to 5 sec. for presentation's sake.

    Map Store
    AV server comes with a system which allows to set dynamic prices, enable specific arena modes and sort maps by categories.


    Dynamic Prices

    Arena Modes


    Income & Dynamic Prices
    As some of you might already know, AV introduced a system to link authors with their maps. It enables us to deliver income whenever maps are being purchased. What we haven't mentioned so far is that map prices can be dynamic:

    increase per purchase

    reset at midnight

    depends on arena modes

    Arena Modes
    Each Arena & Room can have various modes which not only sort maps by categories, but also enable certain functionality.

    This mode refers to maps with a high level of difficulty. Such maps are never set by the system, and can be played only when someone makes a purchase. These maps are twice as expensive and they deliver double EXP. The mode is mainly used in DM and DM OS, but can also be used in other arenas too.

    This mode can turn any DD map into Fun DD. What it does is giving every player a random vehicle at the beginning of rounds. In addition, if a map has "vehicle change" pickups, players are able to swap their vehicles randomly. Learn more.

    Besides supporting arena modes, maps may also be simply sorted by categories. Multiple modes and categories can be applied to a map, resulting in a flexible system and a better user expirience.

    Maps of this kind are available in all arena rooms. (f.e. both DM Classic and OS)

    Old School category is meant for maps made back in the g(old) days or with similar style.

    DD category is meant for maps with Cheetah, Tampa and Sultan vehicles on 1-2 levels maps.

    Shooter category is meant for maps playable only in the Jump room.

    RUN category is meant for maps with BMX or any other bike. These maps are never set by the system.

    This type of maps is playable during clanwars only. Usually these maps are too extreme for default arenas, but don't deserve to be deleted either.

    This is your ultimate friend, especially when it comes to racing or fighting game-modes such as Shooter, DD and Hunter.

    You can zoom in & out to see further and find players or map's items easier. Players' rotations will help you to understand their directions, not just movements. Customizations allow you to enable/disable all sorts of blips.

    Check Points • Powerups • Projectiles & Traps
    NOS • Repairs • Vehicles

    Zoom In & Out

    Player's Rotations

    All kinds of Blips


    Kill Detector
    In the last news we mentioned advanced kill detector system which features things like assistance and protection from frag-stealing. As you might have already guessed, it does more than that, much more.

    Delivers deserved rewards to all players who participated in the killing.

    Frag Protection
    When several players happen to damage the victim, the system define the killer based on damage and timing.

    Keeps track of players' accuracy based on amount of shots and kills. All the data is being saved to players' stats.

    DD kills, Hunter kills and Shooter ground kills (GK).
    50 5 EXP

    Air Kills
    When either the killer or victim is in the air.
    100 10 EXP

    Mid Kills
    When both the killer and victim are in the air.
    150 15 EXP

    AVenges / Revenges
    AV makes it easier for players to keep track of their killers: dedicated blip on the radar will help you identify the bastard, and take revenge in no time.

    radar blip

    revenge messages

    dedicated stats

    Set a price on your enemy's head at the beginning of rounds. Anyone to kill the target claims the reward. The target may also claim the reward by killing the one who placed the bounty.

    radar blip

    min. 5 players required

    $1,000 - $5,000 range

    AV implements Player-versus-Player system in fighting arenas such as DD, Shooter & Hunter. Players are able to pick score amount and make bets within a certain range. The score advances only if PvP players kill one another. The first player to achieve the score amount wins; however, the gap between players' scores must be at least 2 points, otherwise additional rounds are being played.

    radar blip

    min. 2 pts difference to win

    dedicated stats

    $1,000 - $5,000 range

    3 - 10 rounds

    Auto PvP
    Whenever players are not interested in normal PvPs or simply don't feel like playing one at the moment, the system simply counts scores against your enemies, and displays the info with "kill messages". It is worth noting that Auto PvP results are not saved towards your stats and no rewards are being delivered.


    no bets & prizes

    no stats

    AV introduces dynamic and globalized system containing 20 powerups.

    10 sec.

    Slows down time for everyone in the room.

    10 sec.

    Sets Moon gravitation for everyone in the room.

    10 sec.

    Decreases damage taken.

    10 sec.

    Infect others by hitting their vehicles.


    Instantly reverses you in the opposite direction.


    Significantly increases the speed of your vehicle.


    Activates ghost-mode for your vehicle only.


    Makes your vehicle jump. Can be combined with default Jump powerup to achieve the double-jump effect.


    Spins your vehicle 180 degree. Keeps all velocities the same.


    Flips your vehicle from wheels on the roof or the opposite depending on the situation. Keeps all velocities the same.


    Hides you from the radar. Hides your nametag. Makes your vehicle semi-transparent.


    Allows you to absorb players' powerups by hitting their vehicles.


    Place dynamite and blow it with a remote control. Also blown when players hit it.


    Place a barrel and pray other players hit it.


    This is a trap which bounces vehicles in the air from the ground.


    Immidiatly stops your vehicle.


    This is a trap which spins out the vehicles because of slippery surface.


    This is a trap which destroys vehicle's wheels.


    This is a trap which bumps vehicles in the opposite direction while also spinning them out.


    Gives you a small amount of HP to save from the fire.





    Dynamite with Remote Control




    Unique Characteristics
    Each powerup has its own duration, recharge time, usage amount and odds of being spawned.




    Spawn Odds

    Nametag/Timer Icon

    Integration with Statistics and Kill Detector

    Stats Integration
    Whenever you trap other players or when you get trapped, it is being saved to your stats.

    Kill Detector Support
    Whenever powerups or traps help you to kill players, it is being reflected and counted towards your stats.

    Killing with Oil Powerup (Notice arena notification in the end)


    Powerups are randomly spawned during the round following certain time interval. Spawn locations are defined by specific map objects and pickups radiuses. If a player owns a powerup at the moment of death, the powerup is being dropped so that others could pick it up. Number of usages is being saved, of course.

    Time Interval

    Random Locations

    Drop Ability

    Collect Usages

    At the moment, Powerups are active in the following arenas:
    • OS Force (Ghost powerup only)
    • DD Force
    • All Shooter rooms

    Globalized rewind system is supported in a variety of arenas/rooms: DM, Race, Trials, RUN, Training & Map Testing. Besides being a great tool for training, it can also be an efficient way for custom respawn.

    AV's pickup system features ped support and fade in/out animations. The ped support is enabled in RUN arena. The system recognizes your rotation, keeps the momentum and allows you to freely exit/enter given vehicle.

    AV starts off with mind-wobbling 280 server awards divided into 10 categories. Awards Page

    Server View

    Special thanks to WestM for recording this outstanding fitness progress.

    Introducing Daily Objectives
    Every day 5 random objectives with random requirements are being generated for players to accomplish. Here is the list of current possible objectives:

    Rounds Won
    Win [5 - 10] rounds.

    Reach [3 - 5]x streak.

    Top Times
    Set [3 - 6] top times.

    Kill [15 - 25] players.

    Air Kills
    Perform [10 - 15] air kills.

    Mid Kills
    Perform [5 - 10] mid kills.

    Perform [5 - 10] assists.

    AV introduces an event system with automatic schedules and complete automatisation allowing us to organize events on a daily basis and in any arena. The system is flexible enough for admins to intervene should any problem occur.



    Any Arena

    Random Maps

    Next Map Vote

    During the event, no player is able to purchase maps to gain competitive advantage. Instead, at the end of each round, a 10-seconds-vote is started for players to pick the next map out of 5 options. AV system makes sure that the best maps are being selected based on their mode, category, and rating. Chat is disabled during the vote to prevent possible spam.

    Every event has its own page with detailed statistics and leaderboard. Every round is showcased with players' performances as well as round's time down to a second.

    Individual Pages



    The Launch
    There are so many other features such as Spectator System, Radio, 3D Aim, Landing Protection, Spawnpoints Memory, Decorations Toggle, Garage, etc. We could have showcased more, but it is already taking too long. Therefore, without further ado, we would like to invite every single one of you to the grand opening of our server. Experience everything and more by yourself.

    June 7th, 18:00 CET

    The Rent
    Since the very beginning, we have provided a service which enables dozens of users to maintain their own MTA servers. Even those who have no experience or knowledge in coding can easily get started in a matter of seconds.

    Overwhelmingly positive response, ease of use and accessibility allowed us to achieve numbers we could not even dreamed of at the beginning.

    servers rented

    Witnessing happy customers who use our rent service for mapping, recording and playing clan wars reminds us why we do what we do every single day, and it is our duty to improve and deliver. We recently upgraded our host, and it is time to make a few adjustments to our line-up:

    400 MB 1,000 MB

    1,000 MB 2,000 MB

    2,500 MB 5,000 MB

    10,000 MB

    All current servers have been automatically upgraded with the new storage.

    We would like to reward 20 most active BETA testers for their unforgettable contributions during the testing.





    It has been a while since our first recruitment. The individuals, who joined AV, have gone through a tough period of establishing the very foundation of our team and community as a whole. It is this period when all masks are off and true intentions are revealed. The level of dedication, patience, and loyalty shown by the team is remarkable.

    It has been an honor and pleasure to be and work with these guys during this time. You were the very first Moderators, and now you are the very first Administrators.

    AV is entering a new stage on its roadmap, and as some of you might have guessed, we are just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates during this summer.

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    omg .
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    It is happening ladies and gentlemen
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    Let's gooo
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    Interesting , Good Work Continues , Anyways, great work Innovators and specially WW..Good Job bhai
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    I really am happy because I was one of the beta testers
    and I am really very excited to see the server after the modifications and fixes
    It should be all thanks and appreciation to WW really really you did well pro
    I hope that, this community will continue to progress and shine
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    Good Job , We are waiting !
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    Finally the day has come!
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    ayy lmao, it looks so good man
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