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    It has been one month since we introduced AceVerso to the public. During this time we have been working hard to polish website, improve Rent Service and prepare an update. One of our core values is to help people and communities, provide services which transform complexity into simplicity resulting in easy-to-use products. AceVerso League, which we have not spilled a word about yet, is one of them. It is time to bring more light on it as well as our future.

    Introducing Custom Clan Forums
    You are probably familiar with such functionality as it has been around for years. However, we believe there is still space for personal and, most importantly, customizable product.

    Fully Automated, Customisable and Personal
    Built completely from scratch system gives you an opportunity to create and manage forums as precisely as you please. Not only can you create, edit, sort, move, delete and style your forums, you can also have both public and private ones at the same time.

    Private Forums
    Having public forums is great, but it is not enough for competitive clans and communities. There has to be a place to discuss sensitive matters such as strategies, upcoming updates and recruitments. This is where private forums come in truly creating your own space as they are only available and visible to clan members.

    Seamlessly Integrated
    Even though the system is built from scratch and is separated from vBulletin, it is fully integrated with our website and connected to the Recent and Trending sections, Shoutbox and Notification systems. Such approach allows us to build flexible and unique system with potential and margin for future updates.

    Сustom Home Page & More
    We have also added a few customizations to your home page where you can put any video/trailer which represents your community or recent events. You can connect social networks as well. We will be constantly adding more ways to customize your pages and forums.

    Automatic Rosters
    Listing your staff and former members has never been easier as everything is done and calculated automatically for you.

    Each event has its own individual page where you can include detailed statistics, recorded video and dedicated thread. Beautiful layout makes it even more enjoyable to keep track of your events.

    We believe such system, combined with the rent service, delivers complete package to easily start and grow your own community without maintaining a VPS or a dedicated server, without setting up a website and without spending a penny on expensive forum software and license. Start managing and creating today, we will take care of the rest.

    Custom Forums and Events will be released on September 23

    Elephant In The Room
    A lot of you asked about our plans regarding the team and server. In fact, it has probably been the most asked question since the beginning. First of all, we thank you for the support and interest in our project. As for the subject itself, we would like to avoid giving false promises in the pursuit of hype. What we can say, however, is that we will continue to improve and deliver quality products and services to you.

    AceVerso Administration
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    Amazing work but still waiting on a AceVerso Multi-Mod MTA server i hope you host one!
    WW, Hederi, Joee, WyverN1
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    Looks promising ! Good luck
    WW, WyverN1
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    Well written! Will be waiting for the server : )
    WW, Reonex, WyverN1
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    Great job, I really like how you guys have created an organisation that provides everything for MTA or gaming communities in general to develop themselves. Keep up the good work!
    WW, iRenox, WyverN1
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    This is incredible, I'm amazed what you're capable to do and that you're not running out of ideas, keep it up
    WW, SeNa, WyverN1
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    Just amazing!
    WW, WyverN1
  8. Re: AceVerso League - Clans & Forums (Part I) 22.09.2018, 03:22#8
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    Well Writen WW, Amazing work and news!
    WW, WyverN1
  9. Re: AceVerso League - Clans & Forums (Part I) 22.09.2018, 06:21#9
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    wow. such an awesome thing to see.

    thanks for the opportunities you're giving ww <3
    WW, WyverN1
  10. Re: AceVerso League - Clans & Forums (Part I) 22.09.2018, 07:12#10
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    Omggg Amazing!!
    WW, WyverN1
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