1. How to make Fun DD (#FDD) maps for AV? 04.05.2019, 22:22#1
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    What's Fun DD (#FDD)?
    Fun DD is a type of DD gamemode where every player is spawned with a random vehicle. #FDD maps may also include place(s) where players are able to randomly change their vehicles.

    How do I make one?
    AV system allows anyone to create #FDD map without any scripts. All you need to do is to place a vehicle pickup. You can provide any vehicle you want, it doesn't really matter because AV script will override pickups as well as spawnpoints.

    The Guidelines
    There are certain aspects you will have to follow in order for your map to be accepted:
    • Roads have to be slightly wider than the ones used in usual DD maps. It is needed in order to fit bigger vehicles.
    • Vehicle pickups must be built in a way that players cannot camp nearby. The screenshot above shows one of the ways to accomplish that.

    That's basically it. We will keep the thread open for you to ask questions should you have any.

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  2. Re: How to make Fun DD (#FDD) maps for AV? 04.05.2019, 23:28#2
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    Can I add more than one vehicle-change pickup or should there only be one?

    WW: There can be more than one vehicle pickup, just make sure that everything is balanced.
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