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    Map Uploader & Map Testing
    As we are performing final preparations before the launch, it is time to implement one of the most essential elements of the community.

    The uploader is fairly easy to use, everything is updated LIVE for you. User-friendly notifications and warnings will help you to quickly identify an issue should you have any.

    Map Testing
    The process is integrated right into the main server:
    • As soon as your map is uploaded it is immediately available for testing without a need to refresh or restart anything
    • Accepted maps are also immediately available in needed arenas & rooms
    As a result, the whole process is as simple as one could get, but most importantly, it enables our staff to test and deliver fresh maps to end-users as fast and easy as possible. In addition, map authors could be invited to join map testing rooms in order to discuss or clearly indicate issues with maps.

    Map Income
    This might look like a minor thing, but it has always been my dream to implement a proper system and deliver deserved rewards to map creators. Some of you might remember an attempt of mine in the past to bring this idea to life; however, due to personal lack of knowledge and certain surroundings, it was only partially implemented and required a lot of manual work.

    Yet, here we are, slowly but steady making the dream a reality. The idea is simple: once a map is purchased by players, the author(s) receive a deposit (minus fees), as the result generating income.

    How do I make maps compatible with the system?
    All you need to do is to list forum usernames of the authors separated by comma in the meta.xml. That's it.

    Once you successfully upload your map(s), the system links account(s) of author(s) making them eligible to earn deserved income. Another advantage of this system is that not only the user who uploaded the map but all authors are able to update/re-upload their maps.


    Feel free to ask questions regarding the system should you have any. Other than that, we will post mapping guidelines the next week, and will be soon ready to launch.

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  2. Re: Map Uploader & Income 28.04.2019, 20:47#2
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    Can't wait for the server launch!
    SNX, WestM
  3. Re: Map Uploader & Income 28.04.2019, 20:50#3
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    Inspra said:
    You can't wait for my nudes .
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  4. Re: Map Uploader & Income 28.04.2019, 20:56#4
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    Inspra said:
    I have been waiting for 49 years bro
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    Great work ! uploaded the first map on the system
  6. Re: Map Uploader & Income 28.04.2019, 21:02#6
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    Finally! now I can upload my maps ^^
  7. Re: Map Uploader & Income 28.04.2019, 23:49#7
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    Great job keep it up!! It would be good to think about how the system of profit to authors would be integrated if any of them gets to change their account name in some way in the future, although I know for sure that they will already have it in mind ... Excellent work i will load a couple of maps to race soon
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    SkyLion# said:
    Once authors are linked, the system always keeps track of them, even when they change usernames; therefore, it won't be an issue.
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  9. Re: Map Uploader & Income 29.04.2019, 01:02#9
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    Amazing as always. I have couple of questions regarding the map income system, will it be developed futher in future? So it would let authors set the price or see how many times it got bought, etc. Maybe also a statistic to show which map is the favourite and got bought most times in a lifetime, there could be a tab on the server showing "hot" maps. There could be additional prizes or mentions in forum for the best mappers based on amount of likes and the popularity of the map in given week or month. Also a statistic in a leaderboard showing who has most maps on the server or highest amount of "hot" maps.
    Oh, and on this topic, maybe add a dislike to a map too. Maps with poor rating could be deleted or verified again by admins to decide if they should stay on server.
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  10. Re: Map Uploader & Income 29.04.2019, 02:13#10
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    I agree with everything you said, except here.
    salfi said:
    Using that system mappers with most amount of maps in the server would most likely have more likes and win. I wish we could rate a map from 1 to 5 stars, and make a total average based on that but the map had to be played a minimum of 50 times f.e to make a rigorous average.

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