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    Almost 3 months ago, on January 28th, we have entered an active phase of BETA testing. 63 out of 100 applicants have been accepted as testers forming 3 separated groups with the main purpose to test and find existing issues.

    We started off with a completely new made-from-scratch server, and the tedious process of bug fixing began. Every single day more and more things have been fixed while more and more features have been added. It has been, truly, the most creative, productive and fun time I have ever had on this platform.

    Some of you might be wondering, why during this whole time there was no single word spilled about the process? The answer might not be as obvious, but it is fairly simple: the focus has been put on the development and on making the procedure as private as possible to prevent potential leaks.

    The Result
    April 20th was the last day of BETA testing. We thank every person who participated and helped to bring the server to its current form, it has been an unforgettable time. At this moment, we still have a few minor things left to fix and polish off; nevertheless, we are at the final phase of development.

    As much as we would like to share everything that we have done and prepared for you during this time, we will have to stay silent for a little longer in order to avoid major leaks before the launch. We can, however, showcase a few minor things.
    A Few Minor Things

    Leaderboard page is now public and available for you to discover. Statistics are also available on the user's profile pages.
    Leaderboard Page

    We are looking forward to revealing more things as we get closer to the launch. Another essential piece of the puzzle will be revealed this very week.

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    Nice too hear
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    It has been an incredible and very long way for AV, I want to thank you Alex for the huge work you have done, also for everyone that helped in testing stuffs, finding bugs, giving feedback and ideas. Im more than happy because I know AV will make the difference, there can be endless amount of servers, one a copy of another, but AV will for sure make the difference.

    I can't wait for the official Launch OwO
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    That AceVerso guy in the leaderboard must be a really good player .Kappa.
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    I still say in my mind I love the minimalist style that involves all the work but at the same time I feel so attracted to see the final result. You can see that they have worked hard, guys, keep that up and thank you. I would love to see the final result, I am one of those who think that this will be my new favorite place because I see everything that develops.

    Keep working hard guys with confidence, the community will be grateful above all to you Alex >('o')>
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    Excellent work and we look forward to more
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    Alex, I think you know my opinion about your work.
    Can't wait to see more.
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    It is very nice to break the silence.. The amount of development done in mere 3 months is astonishing, witnessing the magic of scripting first hand has been quite an experience I must admit. Massive shout out to WW, who single-handily tackled every scripting challenge chucked at him and made it all work. No matter how many issues the rest of the team or Beta testers threw his way, they were all resolved within a span of days, sometimes hours. I have never witnessed dedication this big throughout my time on this platform, simply incredible. Could not be more proud to be a small part of this project.
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    Amazing work as always. Keep it up av!
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