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    Quite a few people asked if there were any ways they could help us since we launched rent service. Some have suggested great ideas, one of them is being introduced today. Referral System allows you to earn credits, and spend them to extend the duration and upgrade your server(s). Do not worry if you have not got your server(s) yet, your credits will be patiently waiting for you.

    Get Your Referral Link

    New Referrals tab has been added to Web Control Panel where you can keep track of your credits as well as every referral usage.

    New options are now available in the Upgrades tab as well.

    We hope this system will make our service even more affordable and available to those who are not able to use supported payment methods at this moment.

    AceVerso Administration

    Please report issues should you encounter any, thank you.
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    That's nice, giving back to the community
    WW, Micra
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    Nice system!
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    Magical (:
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