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  1. BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:04#1
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    Today is January 12, 2019, which means it is time to start the registration for the BETA testing. Here you will find all the necessary information to apply.

    Who can apply?
    Everyone is welcome, but the enrollment is limited; therefore, not everyone will be chosen.

    Are there any specific requirements?
    We are looking for people who are ready to not just explore and play at the server, but also attentively test features and properly fill out bug reports. It is important that the beta testing passes as efficient as possible.

    When does the beta testing start?
    Two weeks from now - January 28, 2019.

    If you believe you are ready to become a beta tester, all you need is to reply here with the following format:

    What are you experienced in the most?
    Briefly describe your skillset and aspects of the server you will be focused on


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  2. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:12#2
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    What are you experienced in the most?

    I’m mostly experienced in Shooter, it is my main gamemode whilst I play Deathmatch and Hunter too. I’d like to test all three arenas

    Skype: live:pavvlon
    Discord: Pavvlon#4377
    VarieN, TurBo, TKN, Gerc, Chrome, SeNa, iRenox, xD4rk72, XOJH, Sebi, WyverN1
  3. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:14#3
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    What are you experienced in the most?
    I'm mostly an OS player but I'm willing to test the various gamemodes and try some unsual moves to find out bugs

    Discord : JeanBrochefort#3725
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  4. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:15#4
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    *What are you experienced in the most?
    Not something specific, I just play around with everything and see if everything goes as it's supposed to do.

    Discord: ZeYaD22#3377
    SeNa, Mor0, WyverN1,
  5. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:16#5
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    Nothing lasts forever

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    What are you experienced in the most?

    I'm capable of giving a neutral point of view regarding a particular element (Considering all perspectives). I can also experiment with all features and try to provoke glitches/bugs. Finally, give a personal conclusion regarding the development in a whole.


    Discord: KnOwN#1234
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  6. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:19#6
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    What are you experienced in the most?
    Mostly shooter since I've been playing it for 4 years already, wouldn't mind testing other arenas though.

    Discord: VarieN#9491
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  7. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:19#7
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    What are you experienced in the most?
    I am experienced in Deathmatch but I also want to test the other game modes. I would like to help improving player's experience and find out about any bug.

    XOJH, WyverN1, GhosT78, Hollyweed, Dredd
  8. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:21#8
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    What are you experienced in the most?

    Im gonna be centered in DM and Hunter, I will check and see if there are something missing also for Garage ( I don't know if this count as a arena)


    Discord: *Gerc#0059
    WestM, Eleven, PNZ, Kiwi, Cherry, , XOJH, WyverN1, Abdulrazak, Dredd, ghassenboss
  9. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:22#9
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    What are you experienced in the most?
    Main focus would be Destruction Derby, as well as a bit of Deathmatch

    Discord: WestM#8089
    Skype: thewestm
    Twistty, Kiwi, AlinutZ!, Cherry, TKN, NoMercy, Gerc, SeNa, iRenox, XOJH, SNX, Sebi, WyverN1, Sawyer, Abdulrazak, KnOwN, Hederi, Eleven, DrMc, ghassenboss, SkyLion#
  10. Re: BETA Testing - Registration 12.01.2019, 17:22#10
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    What are you experienced in the most?
    Mostly experienced in Shooter and DM, but i am able to test other gamemodes aswell.

    Skype: dannymta0
    WestM, Twistty, Cherry, TKN, NoMercy, Resou, Chrome, SeNa, XOJH, SNX, Sebi, WyverN1, AlinutZ!, ghassenboss, SkyLion#
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