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Fast. Simple.

Instant FTP Access

Control is in your hands.

Your server is being created instantly after successful purchase. You can literally buy and start using it in less than a minute. The server is yours and so is its data: we care deeply about your privacy, and will always protect and secure your creations.

60 sec.

We generate and encrypt secure password which can be reset at any time. You can also limit access to your FTP account via IP address. As the result, even if your password gets leaked, no one can access your data, except you.

Encrypted Password
IP Protection

Web Control Panel

Management made easy.

It is specifically designed for simple and delightful use. You don't need to know anything about coding - just start managing right away.

Edit Server


Always know when, where and what.

Logs will help you to monitor all activities done with your FTP account. It might come in handy if you decide to share the access with your friends.

File Transfers
File Modifications

...and so much more

Made for you.

We do our best to make the service personal and comfortable. It starts with refining smallest details in order to deliver the best possible experience. We provide constant support so that you always receive our help, feedback and consultations. We send automatic notifications and reminders about your service expiration and other important details. We even pre-install admin account for you. Try out our free trial, and check it for yourself!

Help and
Notifications &
Admin Account
Upgrade at
Any Time
25 Reviews
xFrox's Avatar
xFrox • 26.03.2019 ago

Good job ww


Krew's Avatar
Krew • 05.02.2019 ago

Amazing !


Risky's Avatar
Risky • 22.01.2019 ago

It's not easy to say, that I tried few hosts and I've bought a lot of MTA Server, while ago.
but defently the easiest one was AceVerso's Control Panel! Great Work (:


VulTuReX's Avatar
VulTuReX • 17.01.2019 ago

Unlike others , it is very ez to use AV


zaki's Avatar
zaki • 16.01.2019 ago

I like it awesome


Vitalic's Avatar
Vitalic • 13.01.2019 ago

I had actually no issue with the free trial, so I just bought one pack.


TRIPL3X's Avatar
TRIPL3X • 07.01.2019 ago

Perfect service! Expected that will take like day to create server but i was kinda surprised when it shown me that the server is ready after 5 seconds! Great job! Keep it up


ByGuus's Avatar
ByGuus • 06.01.2019 ago

Great work :0


XOJH's Avatar
XOJH • 06.01.2019 ago

nice service


Agressiv's Avatar
Agressiv • 29.12.2018 ago

Looks like awesome, good luck


Zlatan's Avatar
Zlatan • 29.12.2018 ago

Nice bro! I hope This server become the biggest one ! <3


LiXuZ's Avatar
LiXuZ • 18.12.2018 ago

Very nice work


Sebi's Avatar
Sebi • 28.10.2018 ago

Finally got around to try it out and the setup was really fast. Everything about it is very simple and easy to use and I'll likely continue using it. Highly recommend this service!


Peanut's Avatar
Peanut • 02.10.2018 ago

I don't know how they did it but I got my server in just a few seconds, unbelievable!


DiatroN's Avatar
DiatroN • 29.09.2018 ago

Overly Good & Fast ...


ZeYaD22's Avatar
ZeYaD22 • 27.09.2018 ago

That was really fast. It took like 1 second to get the server working, Just a click!


Archurai's Avatar
Archurai • 22.09.2018 ago

Just, WOW!


Draxler's Avatar
Draxler • 19.09.2018 ago

Great work!


Atilax's Avatar
Atilax • 07.09.2018 ago

It's just perfect, smooth and easy to use. I highly recommend this service for everyone!


CriMenTvz's Avatar
CriMenTvz • 05.09.2018 ago

Awesome work!


ShadowXiro's Avatar
ShadowXiro • 01.09.2018 ago

It has been perfect, I hope that Ace Verso continues for a long time!


Brave's Avatar
Brave • 31.08.2018 ago

Perfect Perfect Perfect!


Emix's Avatar
Emix • 26.08.2018 ago

Nois, works great! Waiting for more platforms to be added.


Inspra's Avatar
Inspra • 21.08.2018 ago

If youre too lazy to make a server yourself, this service is the best option out of all of the others, everything runs better than perfectly, best of all, its not expensive at all, I highly recommend this service.


Zatley's Avatar
Zatley • 20.08.2018 ago

Very generous to give out free trials, I'll be sure to try this out and give any feedback i'm also excited to see which platforms will be added later on.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods are available?

    We accept PayPal as well as Credit/Debit cards. Recently SMS method has been added as well.

  • How is the price calculated?

    We do our best to make products as affordable as possible. Therefore, the price is based on the storage amount instead of per-slot calculations. We believe it is the fairest policy towards customers.

  • Can I own more than one server?

    Yes. You may own up to 10 servers for now.

  • Can I transfer/gift a server?

    Absolutely. Once you make a purchase, you are able to transfer/gift your server(s) via Web Control Panel. The receiver must be registered on the website.

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